Who: Everyone!
What: Spying? Hacking? Get it right here.
When: Right now
Where: Various.
Warnings: This will be the last post for the community until the game re-opens. Feel free to backtag as long as you need.

[Put the prompt code in a comment and I will write a personal prompt for everyone who comments.

A - Infiltrating a Palguta Confederation warship.
B - Hacking a Palguta Confederation warship's database.
C - Hacking a Archive warship's database (access to their ship is impossible unless the lifeform is digital)]
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[Having just gotten out of the infirmary, from a coma no less, Grell is a bit...disoriented. Last time she was in a coma, it was in Balamb Garden. But this time, she woke up in the place where her last mishap occurred with Marco.]

Just checked out from infirmary. No recollection of how I got there. Please tell me it did not involve angry, multicolor clowns or sorceresses with a penchant for destroying the use of technology.

I hope someone took care of my cats.

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[She sounds hesitant and feels stupid even asking about this.] Anyone here an expert in...weird stuff? [She will not say 'magic'.]
Yellow alert, yellow alert! All hands to battle stations!

[After a somewhat peaceful rest, the fleet spooled up its FTL engines and jumped. But moments later, they were dragged out of subspace and the fleet found itself in between two other fleets! Relatively, in front of the fleet was a new planet, mostly brown and arid in appearance.

On the one side was an extremely large number of ships that seemed to be made of a beehive like material. The armor looked cheap and judging from the debris, it might be a good assessment.

On the other side was another fleet. Smaller but looking all the more ferocious with it's purple and red paint scheme. Massively over-sized guns bristled from almost every available port, leaving no uncovered surface. Despite the raggedy appearance of the other fleet, a few ships from this portion seemed out of commission to.

Both fleets paused at entrance of the new intruder and firing ceased.

Shortly after, an open message was played across all frequencies. It was voice only but it was bubbly and difficult to understand completely.]

Saviors, please rescue us from those that wish to destroy our way of life!

[Almost instantly in response was a gruff voice.]

What is there to rescue? All that is here belongs to Palguda Confederation.

[Then a third voice decided to interrupt here too with an odd tinge that sounded almost mechanical but close enough to organic to be weird.]

The Archive formally disagrees. That which lies here has belonged to our people for longer than both of your races have existed.

[The arguing continues, escalating before it cuts off, replaced by an image of the Fleet Admiral rubbing his face. The crisis seemed big enough that he would have to take charge.]

I don't think we can leave these people alone. But before we can do anything, we're going to need intel and a solid line of communication without this....bickering. Who's up to the task?
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Who: Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer (Charlie later)
Where: Just a few blocks away from the Cirrane
When: Backdated to July 9th
Warnings: injury patching

[This was wrong. It was all wrong-- and stuck in the middle of a job and a pseudo war zone that involves Zoran Lazarevic on the prowl she'd have been smart to call on someone else. To have asked for help or even for Charlie to turn up sooner (though she's not willing to risk his neck over her own) but the longer she waits, the more likely Drake is to be recaptured or worse...

And something about that doesn't really sit right.

She has her hood drawn well up as she shoves her way through the crowds looking for a sign of red. Blood or his sorry, fiery hair at this point.
Who: Everyone!
What: Part 2 of the Event. Kicking butt mostly.
When: Anytime during the event
Where: In the rip and around it.
Warnings: Violence.

To say that demons patrolled the area would be a lie. They didn't have the mental process to actively work up something of that sort. Instead, they simply waited where they were, hoping for someone to come across their paths. For some demons, they'd happily get in fights with their own brethren if provoked into it. Their only allegiance seemed to lay in causing as much chaos as possible and straight up killing.

Occasionally, they ventured outside the hole in space but with the current incursion of others, they tended to stay inside. All the better fighting took place inside anyway. And other than the guests, there were more than a few AFLAK agents inside the hole. The demons were definitely ready for the amusement that was inevitably going to be showing its face.

[OOC: Everyone is free to start their own threads with this! Saturday, the crystal destruction thread will go up. NPCs/enemies will visit threads and feel free to request any that you want specifically.]
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(´-`).。oO Hi there, everyone. I just got here. My name's Cooper.

( ̄_ ̄;) And it looks like everyone's pretty busy right now, but I could use some help if you have time.

(°_°) I'm pretty sure I was just in space. Just space, not a spaceship. Although, the spaceship thing is kind of freaky too. We don't have a lot of them where I come from. (I assume I'm not where I come from anymore.)

Σ(>_<) Can anyone tell me what's going on?

[For all intents and purposes, for today, all members of AFLAK can't be found. Even when contact with them was attempted, there were no answers.

It took a while for the scientists to notice but when they did, the Science Captain immediately sent a message.]

I don't know if it can be stopped but you have to-

[In mid-sentence, the power across the Teuberg goes out. It takes moment for auxiliaries to kick in but most of the lights are out. Another moment later, as connection re-establishes, the Science Captain continues his message.]

...you have to be prepared. There's a reason we hid this tech. If you have access to weapons, get them ready. If you don't, find someone who does. You won't need mysterious powers, just what you can keep on hand to face what's coming.

But don't try to reason with these creatures because it won't work. Shoot first, ask later. Shit...

[He regrets ever inventing this but he can't go back in time and change this.]

...there's only one way to stop this. Once you're prepared, some of you need to enter it...the rip in space that just appeared inside the Teuberg. Go inside and find a large red crystal. Once you do, destroy it and get the hell out of there.

The layout is going to be the same as the ship, just in a different dimension. You'll find the crystal where the main engines will be so don't screw around while you're in there.

I don't know what those AFLAK guys were up to but....just do this. We'll think about that later.

Good luck.
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Who: Deadlock and OPEN
What: THRILLING HEROICS or stupid shooting stuff ymmv
When: Eventy times
Where: Public housing
Warnings: Deadlock being himself.

To think Deadlock had actually wanted to work for these incompetent guys.  Frag, they were just as bad as the old incompetent guys. Only, you know, with larger caliber weapons. Most of the fraggin' breaches were outside the ship, but of course, luck is with Deadlock--meaning, bad luck, and one happens to open...right in his quarters. 

Really? REALLY?  

So it's a happy early morning to everyone, as they hear Deadlock screaming yelling. Yelling in a very manly way, as he crashes backwards into the corridor through the door of his own apartment, something pink and vaguely tentacly sticking to his face.

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Who: Nathan Drake and Zoran Lazarevic
Where: Public block near Cirrane Apartments
When: July 9th, evening hours
Warnings: Violence

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I don't tend to trust people who say they're doing sierra for my own good. How bout you?
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[Over the course of the day, the pounding of footsteps running across decks, halls, and other areas could be heard but nothing was to be seen. Unless one was at the scene of action.

Where scientists and technicians were spending their time this day, mostly unknown soldiers deactivated their optical camouflage and burst in, arresting them. No undue force was used, just the waving of guns and threatening words. Many of them seemed to have an idea of what was going on and offered no resistance.

Anyone encountered on the way that wasn't a natural crew-member of the ship, namely the guests, would be treated with complete deference. A salute and greeting from the leader of the group while the rest continued to escort their charges to where they were requested to be. And, of course, none were arrested as they obviously were not a party of this conspiracy.

Not too long after this took place, an announcement was made. The person making the announcement was completely covered in armor and had a voice re-modulator, making it difficult to tell if they were even human.]

Greetings. I am Colonel Speck, commander of the special operations group AFLAK. For those who don't know, we are an independent military organization created solely for the purpose of identifying and rooting out corruption among the ranks of the normal chain of command.

We have come to the conclusion that many of the scientists and their comrades in arms who produce their creations have been holding back technology vital to this fleet. For what reason, we have yet to determine but the appropriate parties will be questioned. In the meantime, said technology will be installed and implemented by these people.

This should come as good news to all of our guests as some of this may have been holding you back. To make up for this breakdown in command, I have now issued orders to my soldiers to assist you in whatever way possible, within reason. In my free time, I will also make myself available for questions as I'm sure there may be a few on your minds.

[And for a while, the Colonel's soldiers will be very visible guarding the scientists and technicians at all times. The civilians would be allowed to interact with others but not without an escort present. It's pretty clear that until the Colonel gets what the Colonel wants, these soldiers will be here to stay.]
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[Backdated to before Miscun]

Since she was given a personal shield by some grateful groundies (as she was beginning to call the hapless inhabitants of the worlds the fleet kept stopping by and helping out), Cassie had been itching to try this. It only took some tinkering and buying, and she could take care of the questions she was burning to answer.

She was at the range. More specifically she was on the range. Right where you're not supposed to be. Though with a lane to herself. Small comfort as she had a variety of types of small arms pointed at her and was setting them off by remote control. As each projectile hit the shield, there was a glimmering as it was stopped, suspended in midair and dropped to the ground. She laughed when a neat row of bullets from her Stoner rifle stitched the air in front of her, which vibrate and pulsed with the shield's efforts at slowing then stopping them.

Better to know it here if it was gonna fail her, where the hospital was closeby, than in the field, she reasoned, though that could have just been her thrillseeking tendencies talking.
Who: High Priest of Kore, Prime Minister Ezo, and their four volunteers
Where: Kore, capital city of planet Miscun
When: June 26, around noon
Warnings: Crazy aliens!

The High Priest of Kore - no one gives a name for them, referring to them only by title - greets the four Fleet citizens with a solemn bow. They are dressed similarly to the lower priests and the monks in the Temple: in long, heavy robes that appear to be made of dozens of strips of cloth, sown together at odd angles, with a variety of mismatched adornments. The jagged pattern compliments the chaotic, pointy architecture of the Temple, although it isn't necessarily pleasing to look at.

The tall alien leans forward, eyes gleaming. They seem to be attempting a friendly demeanor, but something about it makes it feel predatory instead.

"Friends, your presence here honors me. When we detected your Fleet passing through our solar system, we suspected that you might be on board. It is fortunate that Prime Minister Ezo was able to contact your leader."

The Prime Minister in question stands at the edge of the gathering, nodding to each of the Fleet members repeatedly. They are clearly an old Miscun, with an unusually wrinkled face, and it makes them seem regal and imposing. The rapid nodding does dispel those notions, though, since it looks rather silly, sort of like a bobblehead. When the High Priest motions to Ezo, they step forward, the nodding becoming even more frantic before tapering off as they begin to speak.

"This may be sudden for you," they say, "but we have made all possible arrangements down here for you. There are rooms ready, and you may have anything you wish. All you have to do is remain with us, in this most sacred space. Where you belong."

Ezo's face stretches into a smile. It looks almost painful on that wide mouth.

"We are certain that your leader will understand how important this is for us. And surely your presence will allow us to prosper under the Chaotic One..."
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Who: Chloe Frazer and Charlie Cutter
When: June 21st
Warnings: Charlie is an idiot; Chloe isn't much better

"When I said blend in with the locals I meant more like 'have a pint with them', 'talk about current events', 'tell them you grew up on the east end of things'." She's no more than a step behind him, hood pulled taut across the curve of her skull with both hands on the drawstrings, groaning out her best interpretation of a kid being dragged to the store by their currently least favorite parent. "I didn't mean actually turn into a giant fanatic."

A giant, geeky fanatic that seriously suggested this as a discreet place to meet up. 

Who: Miscun natives, OPEN
Where: Kore, capital city of planet Miscun
When: June 22-26
Warnings: Probably jail.

When you step off the shuttle to Kore, representatives from the Temple are waiting to greet you. Or at least they're waiting to inspect you; their actual greetings are short and rather unfriendly, but they do seem quite interested in you. Every single citizen visiting Miscun's surface gets looked over carefully, and some of the more unusual-looking types get questions about where they're from. The atmosphere seems like it should be welcoming, but instead it feels more like you are being judged for something.

[ooc: threads for various locations are available below. At this point, players are free to use NPCs however they wish; mod-controlled NPCs may appear in the Temple threads.]
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They brought my CDs and the dumb*** crown from homecoming but not my boombox, are you ******** me? Also someone teach me this dumb new language's cuss words. This is whale****.

[Oh look, someone just barely got through being processed and into a room and is finally able to go through the personal items the fleet nabbed for him from his previous world.]

Phoenix or Whitebeard Pirates, gimme a holler too. Now how d' I turn this **** thing off? This button he-
Who: New Arrivals, Graham Baker, OPEN
Where: Briefing Room
When: Early morning, Juno 3rd
Warnings: None

When awakening, the immediate surroundings are swarming with activity. The people in the medical ward are polite and understanding, but firmly refuse to answer questions until the briefing. They move with a practiced efficiency, already veterans of this kind of thing. The same goes for the robots in the hangars. Either given hospital outfits resembling very comfortable pajamas, drone bodies, or their own bodies, they are escorted by polite, unyielding people in red and black uniforms to the briefing room.

The Briefing room is large. Not enough to accommodate a giant, but spacious enough for several dozen people. The tiles are black and featureless while the walls are nice, soothing colors. The chairs are high-backed and well-cushioned, more like comforting eggs floating a foot or so off the ground than anything else. Set into the ceiling and floor near the front is a large holographic projector. The floor in front of each seat also has a smaller projector, allowing people to see what the bigger device is showing without having to angle for a view. As of now, it merely displays a rotating pyramid.

Two members of Security stand at attention near the front of the room, seeming slightly unhappy to be here. Graham Baker stands at the head of the room with an easy smile.

[Questions to the NPCs will go in the briefing thread. The rest of the post is there for people to mill about and do whatever with. The mods will not be doing hangar/medical awakenings unless it's specifically asked for.]
smallest: Quote by Lucille ("He's not a monster!")
Who: Francœur and YOU
Where: Around the city
When: Juno 16
Warnings: Gross bug moulting habits
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Jinto's experiences with alien street food had left him curious (and unknownst to him, nearly a host for a sentient parasite that replaces the host's tongue; good thing he decided it needed a bit more salt!). Here he was, passing through new and different types of interstellar cuisine and he was still eating boring (though hipsterfied) human-standard comfort food leftovers from his part time job. What a waste!

So he bought a wok, spices, and a frozen bag of things with too many legs and eyes. They were quickly breaded, fried and dipped in the spices, turning them into a serviceable replica of the delicious but expensive thing he'd had back on V'Vorte.

He hummed as he worked, serviceable apron tied around his chest (he was not ostentatious or flirty enough for one reading 'kiss the cook'). Since he'd had to open the door to his tiny apartment to keep it from getting too hot and smoky in there, the mouth watering aroma wafted into the street and he could be seen at his task by the curious.


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